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Individualized Nutrition Plan

There is ALOT of information out there on "how to be healthy". A quick google search will prove that. But what is best for YOU, YOUR body, YOUR goals, and fits YOUR lifestyle? That's what I'm here to create for you. Meal by meal guides created with suggested calorie and macro goals - or if you're too busy to cook and it's more realistic to give you healthy options at every place you eat at and get your results that way - Sarah Grace gives you a plan realistic for YOU.

Individualized Training Plan

Again, there is SO much information out there and free workout templates. But what is going to help YOU reach YOUR goals? Not to mention - be workouts each week you ENJOY, can do based on the equipment you have access to and fit into the time constraints of your budsy day!

All workouts will be created through an easily accessible app - where you have video tutorials of each exercise, log your workouts, and track your body metrics.

Weekly Group Calls

Each week, there will be a conference video call you can join in on - where Sarah Grace will talk about a specific topic that all of YOU request - along with answering any questions and checking in on how you're feeling and doing. This will be a "classroom-like" setting where you will be participating and having a chance to talk as well!

24/7 Accountability

As a human - even when we know WHAT to do, more often than not, we DON'T do it.

This is why when you join the FFnH Academy - you get unlimited, 24/7 access to emailand texting support, where at any time that you have a question, you have an expert in your back pocket to ask!

Private FB Group & Group Messenger

There is POWER in NUMBERS. Not only will you be communicating with Sarah Grace, but you will be connecting with, encouraging, and gaining insight from all the others within FFnH Academy through being a part of the Facebook Group and in a group message via the training app.

Mindset Video Lessons via Modules

Mindset is a largely overlooked area of our health journeys but can be easily argued as the most important part. We try to stick to a diet with sheer will power, then end up falling off, unable to maintain it, loosing momentum toward reaching out goal. If you shift what you believe about health and your value in who you are, we create a new identity and habit of health.

Through video lessons and worksheets, you will be given the exact formula or breaking any barriers holding you back mentally.

Useful Handouts, Guides, and Video Lessons

Not only do you get the training plan and nutrition plan that is personalized for YOU, but you get access to the academy's course platformhere there are MANY useful handouts and video lessons on all the questions yu may have - to teach you how to be your own expert. 

Videos and handouts include but aren't limited to: fixing nutrient deficiencies, finding out how to create your own nutrition plan going forward, an endless meal planner so that you always have ideas and options, healthy traveling, macros 101, the meal transformation game that will get you to your goals, how to structure your own workout plans, my 30 day health challenge for free, and more!

Fit in a Flash At Home Workout Guide

For all the time you are traveling or just can't get to the gym - you get Sarah Grace's Fitness Guide for free with 30 workouts that can be done in under 30 minutes - in any location. A great resource to keep in your back pocket!

What My Clients Have Said

Many people have found success with my coaching - here are just a few:

"I am so glad you are following your dreams because you are so amazing and are designed to help people. We started working together recently and it's only been one session but it's been more helpful than anything else I have tried so please keep doing what you are doing. I can't wait for the next 11 weeks!


"I totally underestimated how much a coach - like an actual coach like you - can drastically help me!"

- Caroline N.

"Sarah Grace helped me lose weight in a sustainable way! Even though I second guessed her plan at first since it seemed too good to be true to be able to enjoy life AND reach my goals - I'm a firm believer now!"

-Debbi Martin

"Not only did I get to a body composition I was hoping for while working with Sarah Grace in her 12 week coaching program, but she educated me a long the way so that I didn't feel like I had NO idea what was going on. Long term lifestyle > short term diet!

-Phillip R.